The Schulte Team

Kristopher Schulte, LPRT, CHRS
Senior Health Insurance Products
Business Development
Strategic Planning
Licensed Life & Health Agent
License #0505639

Elizabeth Schulte, CHRS
Individual Health
and Dental Insurance
License #0659747

Jessica Schulte Walker, LPRT, CHRS, HIP
Co-Vice President of Employee Benefits
Employee Benefit Consultant
Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance
License #0E50965

Matthew Schulte, CHRS
Co-Vice President of Employee Benefits
Employee Benefit Consultant
Life Insurance and Long Term Care
License #0E41781

Christina Jones, CHRA
Director of Group Accounts

License #0H48365

Stephen Cummings, CHRA
Individual & Senior Agent
Annuities, Life Insurance, Long Term Care
License #0I80714

Kelli Graham

Individual & Family Agent
License # 0K43966

Jesseca Lopez
Group Account Manager to Jessica Walker

License # 0L91076

Elizabeth LeDoux
Data Entry Specialist

Ashlyn Lapittus
Administrative Assistant