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Important information about health insurance in California – No on Prop 45

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Dear Clients,

As you know, we normally don’t share political opinions with clients. However, there is an initiative on this November’s ballot that will have a direct impact on your health insurance… and not in a good way. As your agent, we feel compelled to make you aware of Proposition 45 and why we so strongly oppose this measure.

Proposition 45 will radically alter the choices available to individuals and small businesses purchasing health insurance in California. 

Supporters of Proposition 45 want to give one elected politician – who can receive millions in campaign contributions from special interests – the power to determine your health plan’s premiums, benefits, networks and even what treatment options it covers. They want to create a costly new bureaucracy that duplicates existing regulatory agencies – the costs of which will ultimately be paid by you through higher premiums. They want to set up new rules and regulations that conflict with the new health care reform law.

As your agent, we take our responsibility seriously when helping you navigate California’s health insurance market.  Proposition 45 will make that market more chaotic and more costly – and worst of all it will potentially limit the choices you have as a consumer.

We plan to vote NO on Proposition 45 this November because it will create more problems than it solves.

I hope you will visit to learn more about Proposition 45 for yourself. While you’re on the website, we hope that you’ll take 30-seconds and sign-up to receive updates from the No on Proposition 45 campaign and join us on protecting your access to quality health insurance.

From all of your agents at Schulte Insurance Agency