Subsidy Calculator


This online calculator will help you estimate how much it will cost you to purchase health insurance in 2017 and the amount of your financial assistance. If you already have affordable insurance from your employer or a government program like Medicare or Medi-Cal, you will not be eligible for these cost-saving programs and the calculator will not apply to you.

Your health insurance cost estimate is based on the information you provide.

To use the calculator, simply enter several pieces of key information.

  1. Enter household size and income for all individuals included on your tax return (yourself, your spouse and dependants, if applicable).
  2. Enter age information only for those household members who need coverage.

The calculator will put all that information together and provide you with the estimated montly cost for insurance, which appears in the calculator as “Your Estimated Monthly Silver Plan Premium” and takes into account any financial assistance you might receive from the government. The calculator will also indicate whether your income makes you eligible for Medi-Cal.


Click here for the Covered California Subsidy Calculator